Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 15

My lunch at work today was Trader Joe's plain Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds and banana. So yum and only 3 points. And I was full afterward. The serving size is a cup.

So, on to the weekly weigh-in. Meh. I ate a lot this week. I'd like to say I stayed within points, but considering I used all daily and weekly points, and neglected to track the three brownies, one cookie and multiple candies I had, I'd say I went a little over. Here it is:

Week 15:
Weight: 179.8
+/-: +.6

Again, meh. I was a little bummed. Not surprised, but bummed. I've been pretty steady on my working out, but my eating is slowly but surely getting worse. The good news is I think it kind of kicked me back into gear a little. On the way home from my meeting I went to Trader Joe's and picked up some good lunchish food so maybe I'll make some better choices this week.
I'm kind of wondering if the fact that I didn't sleep before my meeting had any bearing on the gain.. Usually I come home from work, sleep a few hours and then go to my meeting. Also, immediately before my meeting I worked out at the gym. Whether those are the reasons or (more likely) my pig-out fest all week was the reason, .6 isn't so bad. But I broke my losing streak, boo!

I'll end this post with some exciting news. I finally decided to get some use out of the gym we have been paying for forever, I loved it! It's nice to have so many different options. But that's not even the best part- one of the employees came up and introduced herself and said they're offering two complimentary sessions with a trainer. Um, sign me up?! That's awesome! So my first meeting with her is tomorrow, I'm super excited. Plus, she's going to take my body fat percentage, which I've never had done before. I'm interested to see where I'm at.
Wish me luck! Anyone else have anything fun planned?

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  1. I saw pomegranates in the store today and thought, I need to eat more of those. So much flavor in each little seed!
    Thanks for the sharing!