Monday, February 18, 2013

here and now

It's been almost 2 years since my last post, and long story short is:
I gained most of the weight back (+20 out of the almost 30lbs lost), and then I got pregnant. Gained 10lbs during the pregnancy, and then lost all 10 when the MOST ADORABLE BABY IN THE WORLD was born.

This is Allison, she's pretty much amazing.
So now here I am, trying to get back on track!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 15

My lunch at work today was Trader Joe's plain Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds and banana. So yum and only 3 points. And I was full afterward. The serving size is a cup.

So, on to the weekly weigh-in. Meh. I ate a lot this week. I'd like to say I stayed within points, but considering I used all daily and weekly points, and neglected to track the three brownies, one cookie and multiple candies I had, I'd say I went a little over. Here it is:

Week 15:
Weight: 179.8
+/-: +.6

Again, meh. I was a little bummed. Not surprised, but bummed. I've been pretty steady on my working out, but my eating is slowly but surely getting worse. The good news is I think it kind of kicked me back into gear a little. On the way home from my meeting I went to Trader Joe's and picked up some good lunchish food so maybe I'll make some better choices this week.
I'm kind of wondering if the fact that I didn't sleep before my meeting had any bearing on the gain.. Usually I come home from work, sleep a few hours and then go to my meeting. Also, immediately before my meeting I worked out at the gym. Whether those are the reasons or (more likely) my pig-out fest all week was the reason, .6 isn't so bad. But I broke my losing streak, boo!

I'll end this post with some exciting news. I finally decided to get some use out of the gym we have been paying for forever, I loved it! It's nice to have so many different options. But that's not even the best part- one of the employees came up and introduced herself and said they're offering two complimentary sessions with a trainer. Um, sign me up?! That's awesome! So my first meeting with her is tomorrow, I'm super excited. Plus, she's going to take my body fat percentage, which I've never had done before. I'm interested to see where I'm at.
Wish me luck! Anyone else have anything fun planned?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You never know what you'll find in the desk drawers

I have found many things useful and ridiculous in the drawers at work. Useful? Scrap paper, magazines, medical dictionary, scissors. Ridiculous? The used chapstick comes to mind. (we don't have designated desks, we switch every day. So leaving your chapstick for someone else is gross.)
But something ridiculously useful? (okay, so I only used that phrase to tie in my first paragraph.)
A weight!

10 lbs is more than I usually do, I'm more of a five pound girl at this point. But the tens felt really good, I just did less and had to go a lot slower. Makes me think I might need to purchase something bigger than my fivers for home.

Does anybody want tickets to the gun show? Pow pow!

Big smiles and sunshine to everyone today! I'm going to try to be back tomorrow with my weekly weigh-in.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The incredible edible egg...

Part of a well balanced diet you know... I need to stock up tomorrow before they take them away! Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite candy in the WHOLE WORLD. 5 pointsPlus for 12 eggs is sooo worth it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 13 & 14 and a broken pattern

First, a picture of my snack at work today. I am obsessed with mandarin oranges. Yum-o. I got these from Trader Joe's. TJ is such a hard store to go into because I want to buy EVERYTHING. And hiding behind the mandarins is a little Hershey's special dark. It keeps me sane.

(sidenote: you will probably be seeing many more cellphone photos because a. I got a new phone, b. I am too lazy to pull out the DSLR, and c. my brother has my point and shoot. So basically it's all my brother's fault. But hopefully the cell pictures won't be as awful as before. Newer phone=better camera? We can hope.)

Week 13:
Weight: 180.8
+/-: -.6
I zeroed out my gain from last week and I like that. It felt good to get that taken care of so I can move on.
Also this week? I bought my first (2) pair(s) of size 14 jeans in like, oh I don't know, 15 years!! (I don't really know if it's been that long, but it's been a looooong time.) I almost screamed in the dressing room when I buttoned them up. I decided to try on some jeans just to see where I was, and was going to try the 16's, but at the Gap outlet the ankle (short) sizes only go up to 14. So I thought, what the heck, I'll see how close I am. When I started WW I was in size 18/20, so it was fun to see the concrete evidence of my last few months work.

Week 14:
Weight: 179.2
+/-: -1.6

This week was a huge week for so many reasons:
-I hit the 25lb mark and got my medal. (it goes on my sweet 10% keychain.)

-I'm in the 170s. I've been so focused on pounds lost that I haven't really paid attention to what the actual numbers of my weight are, but in the 170's is so exciting! I think my next mini-goal will be in the 160's, because it sounds so small to me. Making the small goals is really helping to keep me motivated. I know that sounds cliche, but getting to do a mini celebration every once in awhile helps keep me going.
-I ate all but 2 of my weekly points. While I really try to eat all of my daily points, I mostly shy away from my weekly points, just because I want everything to happen faster. This week held a lot of temptations and I decided I would give in. (if it was still within the weekly points) I think what helped me come out on top was the fact that I was still getting activity in almost every day.
-I broke my lose/gain/lose/gain pattern!
Two losses in a row, can she go for a third?

Monday, April 11, 2011

shopping in my own closet

Last year I was shopping with my mom and she bought me a jacket at the Columbia outlet.  I really needed a rain jacket, and this one was so cute that I couldn't pass it up, even though I could barely zip it up.  I've actually only wore it a few times because everytime I put it on I just felt gross, knowing I couldn't even wear it zipped up because it was too tight.  (and if it's the type of weather you need a rain jacket for, do you really want to be walking around in a jacket that's not zipped? I think not.)
Today I came across it and decided to try it on...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

I heart my wii

Excuse me while I dork out a little.
Can I be honest? I am in love with my wii. Okay, so it's not the most intense workout in the world. Sometimes I'm all about being serious and pumping out a couch to 5k workout, or shredding myself up with a Jillian Michaels video, but then other times, I know I need to work out and I just want to have fun. That was definitely me yesterday. After my week long sicky break from exercising I was ready to get back into it, but anything to do with Jillian Michaels did not seem appealing (cue whiny voice: it's so hard!) and my honey was sleeping so the treadmill was out. (It's in another room, but it's old and LOUD.) And I just really wanted to play my wii.  Some of the kids in my mom's daycare showed me how to unlock new paths in the Basic Run on Wii Fit Plus. (Kids these days- so smart!) I liked Basic Run already, (all it is is running in place) but I was getting bored with it because it's only 3 minutes long, and it's the same every time... Or so I thought. 
With my new found knowledge I unlocked all of the short and long runs and one of the Island Runs (I think there's two). I haven't run the Island lap one yet, I'm saving the excitement for another day. :)

basic run finish line

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Wow, I totally am a dork. But you guys like it, right?
What do you like to do for a lazy-ish workout day?