Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 13 & 14 and a broken pattern

First, a picture of my snack at work today. I am obsessed with mandarin oranges. Yum-o. I got these from Trader Joe's. TJ is such a hard store to go into because I want to buy EVERYTHING. And hiding behind the mandarins is a little Hershey's special dark. It keeps me sane.

(sidenote: you will probably be seeing many more cellphone photos because a. I got a new phone, b. I am too lazy to pull out the DSLR, and c. my brother has my point and shoot. So basically it's all my brother's fault. But hopefully the cell pictures won't be as awful as before. Newer phone=better camera? We can hope.)

Week 13:
Weight: 180.8
+/-: -.6
I zeroed out my gain from last week and I like that. It felt good to get that taken care of so I can move on.
Also this week? I bought my first (2) pair(s) of size 14 jeans in like, oh I don't know, 15 years!! (I don't really know if it's been that long, but it's been a looooong time.) I almost screamed in the dressing room when I buttoned them up. I decided to try on some jeans just to see where I was, and was going to try the 16's, but at the Gap outlet the ankle (short) sizes only go up to 14. So I thought, what the heck, I'll see how close I am. When I started WW I was in size 18/20, so it was fun to see the concrete evidence of my last few months work.

Week 14:
Weight: 179.2
+/-: -1.6

This week was a huge week for so many reasons:
-I hit the 25lb mark and got my medal. (it goes on my sweet 10% keychain.)

-I'm in the 170s. I've been so focused on pounds lost that I haven't really paid attention to what the actual numbers of my weight are, but in the 170's is so exciting! I think my next mini-goal will be in the 160's, because it sounds so small to me. Making the small goals is really helping to keep me motivated. I know that sounds cliche, but getting to do a mini celebration every once in awhile helps keep me going.
-I ate all but 2 of my weekly points. While I really try to eat all of my daily points, I mostly shy away from my weekly points, just because I want everything to happen faster. This week held a lot of temptations and I decided I would give in. (if it was still within the weekly points) I think what helped me come out on top was the fact that I was still getting activity in almost every day.
-I broke my lose/gain/lose/gain pattern!
Two losses in a row, can she go for a third?


  1. That's a success indeed! And as for your question... yes! You can! =)

  2. Haha, thanks! We'll see, I'm going to my mom's house this weekend, she's an amazing cook. But I also go to the gym with her, so hopefully it evens out!