Sunday, January 23, 2011

review: Billy Blanks Jr: Dance With Me Cardio Fit

I never thought I'd say this: I had fun doing a workout video.
I've been walking on my lunch at work, but wasn't really feeling it because I hate coming back into the building all flushed and sweaty. gross. So I was thinking maybe some days I'd just workout with a video at home. I have one workout video at home, 30 Day Shred, and it's a good one, but let's be honest- it's really hard. I wanted something that would break up the monotony and thought a dance video would be just the ticket. Enter Billy Blanks Jr.: Dance With Me Cardio Fit. There were a few dancing workout videos at Target, but I chose this one because of the reviews on Amazon and because he's Billy Blank's kid, you know, the Tae Bo guy? He's got to know his stuff if he's Billy Blank's son. (I tried Tae Bo once. Once being the operative word, it's intense.)
I'm so glad I picked this one! There are 3 different workouts, Hip-Hop, Country and Bollywood, all 12 minutes long, and then a warm-up and cool-down. The basic premise (at least for Hip-Hop and Country, I haven't done Bollywood yet) is that he shows you the moves individually, slowly if needed, then puts a few moves together, and then by the end strings them all together. Even when he's showing you the moves though, you're still trucking along at a pretty good pace. I was able to do all of the moves okay and keep up fine, though my complete lack of rhythm meant it wasn't very pretty at times. :) I most certainly wouldn't do this workout in front of anyone, because I looked like a fool, but Billy said to get into it, so I did. I was kind of grinning like an idiot because I knew I looked ridiculous, but it was really fun just letting loose like that, trying moves I never would have before. (and probably couldn't pull off in public.) It kind of felt like I was standing around with a bunch of friends goofing off, but getting a killer work out at the same time. I definitely felt it in my legs, and next time I'll use my arms more when I'm 'getting my groove on' so I feel it there as well.
I'm obviously not an exercise expert, like I said, this is only the second workout video I've really done. (Unless you count Sweatin' to the Oldies when I was a kid. haha, I love Richard Simmons.) Is this the same level as 30 Day Shred? Probably not. But I worked up a good sweat, and I'm excited to do it again. Anything that gets me excited about working out gets an A+ in my book, because it's a rare occasion. I'm not sure what more physically advanced people will think of this, but if you're anywhere near starting out, I say get it.

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